The Fallout From The Equifax Security Breach And Steps You Should Take To Protect Your Credit

A cybersecurity breach at Equifax, some of the 3 main credit score bureaus, has compromised the private knowledge of about 143 million American citizens, nearly part the rustic. The corporate says the cyber thieves had been in a position to thieve social safety numbers, beginning dates, and addresses for an enormous choice of other folks.

Equifax has additionally stated a 2nd breach this 12 months, which the corporate says came about in March and isn’t associated with the most recent one.

Right here to talk about the Equifax hacks and steps you can take to protect yourself are Chris Nicak from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center; lawyer Jane Hils Shea, who leads Frost Brown Todd’s Privacy and Information Security Practice; Sandra Guile with the Cincinnati BBB; and Invoice Staler, CEO of LifeSpan, a non-profit group that gives monetary steering and training at the side of different products and services. 

The Cincinnati BBB’s crash direction on cybersecurity for industry house owners, [UNHACKABLE], is the following day at UC Blue Ash. For more info click here.